It can be quite stressful having to remodel a kitchen. However, we’ve written an article that should give you the extra confidence you need; complete with a checklist in summary.
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Print out this checklist to stay organized during your remodel!

Set a budget-

By making this your first step in the process, you will not be disappointed later when you have to start over because you picked out items that you cannot afford. Being very strict with your budget throughout the entire process will make it easier when the project comes together.

One way to significantly reduce your costs is by keeping the same layout of your current kitchen so that electrical and gas will not have to be relocated. You should aim to spend no more than 20% of your home’s value on the remodel.

Things You Should to Consider in Your Budget:


Garbage disposal

Kitchen island


Cabinets (type, color, finish)







Light fixtures




Electrical outlet covers

Moving electric, gas, or water lines

Contractor fees


Hotel and food fares if you will be relocating while the remodel takes place

Pick a theme

Whether you are going for a modern, country, retro, or classic theme, it should be consistent throughout the entire kitchen. Having a color palette in mind is also a good idea. A great way to start is by choosing one item you absolutely love and designing the rest of the kitchen off of that item.

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Get Inspired-

After you have picked a theme for your kitchen, go out and get inspired! Pinterest and Houzz are great social media websites for fresh ideas. Otherwise, go to a showroom, a Parade of Homes tour, or your friend’s house to check out what they have done.

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Do not rush this step! Doing research will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for at the best price. Research everything from prices, to quality, to how a certain item will meet your needs. Knowledge is power!

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Hire a Contractor-

If you feel you need help with the steps above, you can always hire a contractor earlier in the process. If not, this is the time to do it because things start getting trickier. Your contractor will be able to help you come up with a layout, finalize your choices for products, and give you insight on things you might want to change. Then they will be able to come up with an image for you and handle the installation process. Although a general contractor may not do all of the installation, they will know quality people and be able to handle issues if they come up. Get estimates from at least three contractors before deciding which one is best equipped to handle your remodel.

Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Contractor:


Online reviews

Recommendations from friends and family

Standing with the Better Business Bureau

Liability Insurance

Style of previous work

Get Started-

Time to start the remodel that you have been working so hard for! If you can stay in your home while this goes on, and eat microwaved meals it will cut some costs. Just set up your microwave in a different room and stop at the grocery store on your way home. Otherwise, eating at a restaurant or staying in a hotel room with a kitchen are good options as well. Make sure that this is included in your budget from the beginning.


The first meal you cook in your new kitchen is going to be a memorable one! The hard work will pay off and you can finally enjoy the results.

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Tips & Tricks:

Overestimate the amount of storage you will need

Do not reuse appliances from your old kitchen- old appliances will stick out in a new space

Under-the-cabinet lights are worth the splurge. They will give you extra light in your workspace

Allow clearance so that your cabinets can open without hitting items in your kitchen or each other if multiple are open at the same time

Install several outlets throughout the room so that you are never out of reach of power

Use light color schemes in small kitchens to make them seem bigger

Splurge on cabinets and flooring- these will get the most abuse

Plan ahead to avoid delays- have backup plans in place

Work with the current design of the rest of your home so that the kitchen doesn’t stick out

Have plenty of counter space- especially near the refrigerator and stove where you will need to set things down

Don’t make final contractor payment until project is complete and to your standards